Camp Beez Kneez 2017


Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper?  -Before you invest in equipment and bees, practice on ours!
Already a beekeeper? Do you lose hives over the winter? Or do you want to deepen your knowledge of bees and beekeeping? -Protect what you have already invested and set yourself up for success.
We know from experience that by investing in your beekeeper education now, you will save time and money on bees and equipment in the future.
Camp Beez Kneez is a 14-week, intensive, guided beekeeping course. Sign up below to gain the confidence and skills for your bees to thrive!
To register, choose your desired location and time and click ADD TO CART button. To pay with check and save $15, email us at, tell us which session you want and bring or mail a check to 2204 Minnehaha Ave Mpls, MN 55406

camp-shot From April to October, our teaching apiaries provide the unique opportunity for you to manage a hive, guided by professional beekeepers, while comparing your hive to many others in the same apiary. ***Camp Beez Kneez is a City of Minneapolis Honey bee permit approved training program

When: All sessions will have a 3 hour orientation and equipment build class in late March or early April at the Beez Kneez honey house. Dates TBD.  Session #1 will be held biweekly on Saturdays at 11am, Session #2- Saturdays at 2:30pm, Session #3-Sundays at 11am, Session #4-Fridays at 2:30pm. If you miss 1 or 2 sessions, we will make sure the hive dedicated to you gets managed and there are always an opportunities to make up at a different session.

Location:  Session #1 and #2 will be held at a nature center about 19 miles south of Mpls in Inver Grove Heights. Session #3 and Session #4 will be held in Fridley, MN at a nature center 16 miles north of Mpls.  You will learn exact addresses on the first day of class which is to be held at the Beez Kneez Honey House in March.

Cost: $575 per hive assignment which can be a single student or group(max of 3 people per group) if you pay with credit card. $560 if you pay by check which you can mail or drop off at the Beez Kneez Honey House. Mailing and physical address is The Beez Kneez 2204 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404.  We will confirm details of your registration after receiving payment. Cost is only $40-$41 per 2 hour session for 14 weeks of hands on learning that includes guide books for each group and excess honey(some years the bees do not make much). Not quite in your budget?  Find a partner/family or two to team up with and split the cost(max 3 people per group).   

 IMG_5758 What you will learn:  This program covers techniques based on sustainable beekeeping practices for year-round management in MN. Each 2 hour session follows the beekeeper’s year, and will cover a management topic more in depth.
  • Basic bee biology and how to choose and/or assemble equipment
  • How to install a package and a nucleus colony
  • How to split a wintered hive and introduce queens
  • How to assess colony health, identify nectar flows and pollen sources
  • Spring through fall management techniques for successful overwintering
  • Disease management including integrated pest management-drone comb removal, mite checks, organic treatments, and more
  • Harvesting honey and extracting/bottling techniques. *Extraction at the Beez Kneez Honey House on pedal-powered extractors!
  • Over-Wintering your hive
  • Efficient recordkeeping to aid hive management


Participants will provide their own personal gear (veil/suit, smoker, hive tool, containers for honey harvest, etc.); Beez Kneez has suits and smokers available for seasonal rental. Contact at for suit and smoker rental.

The Beez Kneez will provide bees, hive, honey extracting equipment, and one set of instructional materials per group (additional sets of the course materials can be purchased if desired) . A family/group (max of 3 people per hive) can share a hive. Each student/group may receive up to 10lb’s (honey depending on surplus available) from the hive they manage.

Camp Beez Kneez Alum receive 5% on all beekeeping supplies sold at the Beez Kneez Honey House!

Meet your 2016 Camp Beez Kneez Professional Beekeepers

    Kristy Lynn Allen                                               Yuuki Metreaud

BIO: I have always loved to be outdoors and working in and with nature. As a child I was always exploring the woods and fields around the country home in upstate New York where I grew up. I was drawn to beekeeping when I witnessed a friend’s grandpa working his bees and soon afterwards got my own hive of bees. One hive became several until I went away to college. All my beekeeping equipment was put in storage as I studied at college and then took a job as a field instructor for the Voyageur Outward Bound School leading canoeing and dogsledding expeditions in the Boundary Waters and Canada. In 2010, my wife Meghan and I moved to the Twin Cities and I began keeping bees again! My equipment from high school came out of retirement and soon 4 hives in the back yard became several dozen spread out in apiaries throughout the country side. My rediscovered passion with bees evolved to face the significant challenges in keeping bees alive and productive today. I delved into the world of rearing queens and selecting for stock adapted to our climate through the encouragement of Marla Spivak and in collaboration with Kristy of the Beez Kneez and Joe of Four Seasons Apiaries. I also delved into alternative management methods that are intended to make beekeepers more self-sustaining. These elements of my passion for beekeeping and Meghan and I’s desire to transition to earning some of our income from bees inspired us to begin the business, Boreal Apiaries LLC. I am very excited to continue to work with the Beez Kneez on stock selection and to also have the opportunity to share what I love with other beekeepers through Camp Beez Kneez.
the bakken
Bio: The first moment I opened a hive, I knew I wanted to be a beekeeper. In 2009, I went to work for my Aunt and Uncle’s commercial beekeeping operation and was hooked. They suggested I sell their honey in Minneapolis so in 2010, I painted my bike like a bee, dressed up like one and started pedaling! And so began The Beez Kneez, LLC. Between 2009 to the present I have worked with and for small to larger-scale beekeepers. Including a small group in the mountains of Ecuador, at Wozupi for the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, assisting Gary Reuter at the University of MN Bee Lab, for USDA’s Farmer to Farmer program in Jamaica, and with Four Seasons Apiaries. I am also head beekeeper for The Beez Kneez. We started establishing and maintaining our own hives in 2011. We now manage around 100 hives in urban and rural areas in the Twin Cities. In 2014, with the help of Victoria Ranua of Eagle Creek Honey Farm, we started Camp Beez Kneez. We taught 20 groups of new and experienced beekeepers In 2015 we hired Yuuki Metreaud and taught over 40 people. We love teaching Camp Beez Kneez because it is a great opportunity for us to share what we already know and learn more alongside future beekeepers.  As owner and founder of the Beez Kneez, I am thrilled and honored to be teaching alongside Yuuki and learning with all of you in 2017.




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