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***Camp Beez Kneez is a City of Minneapolis Honey bee permit approved training program

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper?  

-Before you invest in your own hive, practice on one of ours

Are you already a beekeeper that keeps losing hives over the winter?

-Protect what you have already invested and set yourself up for success.

We know from experience that by investing in your beekeeper education now, you will save time and money on bees and equipment in the future.
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Camp Beez Kneez is a 14-week, intensive, guided beekeeping course.   From April to October, our teaching apiaries provide the unique opportunity for you to manage a hive, guided by professional beekeepers, while comparing your hive to many others in the same apiary. 

When: 2015 Classes will meet at a Beez Kneez Apiary Site or the Beez Kneez Honey House every other Saturday from April 4th-September 5th, September 19th and October 10th or 17th, depending on weather.  We have two time slots available.  Classes will be offered in the morning at 10am or at 2pm.  **Classes will meet unless severe weather occurs.  Rain dates will reconvene the following day at the same time.

Cost: $550 per single student/group.  This comes to only $40 per 2 hour session for 14 weeks of hands on learning that includes guide books and excess honey. Not quite in your budget?  Find a partner/family or two to team up with and split the cost(max 3 people per group). Also, we offer a pro-rated option for late comers.  To pay with a credit card, click below. To pay with a check, mail to Camp Beez Kneez 2204 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404.  We will confirm details of your registration after receiving payment.





Location: We will have one site for the morning class and one for the afternoon class.  The morning class will be held 19 miles south of the Beez Kneez Honey House between Inver Grove Heights and Rosemount.  The afternoon class will be held near Farmington, 29 miles from the Beez Kneez Honey House.  You will learn exact addresses on the first day of class which is to be held at the Beez Kneez Honey House on April 4th.  On that day, we will also be encouraging car pooling arrangements!

What you will learn:  This program covers techniques based on sustainable beekeeping practices for year-round management in MN. Each 2 hour session follows the beekeeper’s year, and will cover a management topic more in depth.

  • How to choose and/or assemble equipment
  • How to install a package and a nucleus colony
  • How to split a wintered hive and introduce queens
  • How to assess colony health, identify nectar flows and pollen sources
  • Spring through fall management techniques for successful overwintering
  • Disease management including integrated pest management-drone comb removal, mite checks, organic treatments and more
  • Harvesting honey and extracting/bottling techniques. *Extraction at the Beez Kneez Honey House on pedal-powered extractors!
  • Over-Wintering your hive
  • Efficient recordkeeping to aid hive management

Participants will provide their own personal gear (veil/suit, hive tool, containers for honey harvest, etc.); Beez Kneez has suits available for seasonal rental. Contact at for suit rental.

The Beez Kneez will provide bees, hive, honey extracting equipment, and reading materials. A family/group (max of 3 people per hive) can share a hive. Each student/group may receive up to 10lb’s (honey depending on surplus available) from the hive they manage.

Meet your Camp Beez Kneez Professional Beekeeper for 2015

Victoria Ranua a.k.a Sticky Vic

Beekeeping“I want to be a beekeeper and have an apple orchard!” is what would come out of my mouth when asked the “What do you want to be when you grow-up?” question.  As a youth in the Twin Cities suburbs, I didn’t know anyone with bees or even an apple tree, but that didn’t stop me.  I always enjoyed watching bumblebees on the flowers in our neighborhood and I drank whole bottle of Mel-O Honey before every high school cross-country and track race.  My childhood nickname was Vicki, it rhymed with too much.  The name that bothered me the most was “Sticky Vicki”.  Years later, tending 100 suburban hives, I realized I had become “Sticky Vicki” when I dropped a 5 gallon pail of honey from a ladder.  I was covered in honey.

Today, I live with my family at Eagle Creek Honey Farm (Shakopee, MN).  I have over 10 years of professional suburban beekeeping experience.  I love sharing my passion for bees and the uniqueness of the Minnesota-grown honey with anyone who will listen or have a taste.



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