The Beez Kneez Honey Collective

The Beez Kneez Honey Collective

An initiative of The Beez Kneez committed to building a stronger more sustainable community for bees, bee supporters and beekeepers.

Choosing beekeeping as a profession is not an easy road to go down. It is extremely hard work full of physical, emotional and financial stress.  The success of the beekeeper and the productivity of the honeybee is more and more fragile as our landscapes become increasingly less floral and more toxic. Instead of making 100-300lb’s per hive of liquid gold as they did twenty years ago, they are struggling to reach 40-60lb’s.

In January 2014, The Beez Kneez started an advocacy and education campaign called Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives to address these issues on a public and legislative level. After a pesticide kill on one of our own hives, we choose to fight for our livelihood as beekeepers and had some success.  However, as farmers and producers, we understand the need to take our advocacy farther and reach the consumer.  Educated consumers are extremely powerful.  They say money makes the world go round  but really  the bees makes the honey go round which ultimately makes the seeds grow and in turn, makes the world go round.

We present to you The Beez Kneez Honey Collective.  This honey comes from  our intensive beekeeper training program Camp Beez Kneez  as well as a community of small-medium scale beekeepers focused on working towards a more sustainable future for bees and their keepers. We have joined forces to supply our sweet customers with more raw, local honey under the label The Beez Kneez Honey Collective .

2015 students of Camp Beez Kneez

Camp Beez Kneez honey collective is sourced from our 14 week intensive beekeeper training program. We hold classes at Darvan Acres Nature Center in Inver Grove Heights and Springbrook Nature Center and Fridley.

Meet the faces of the next generation of beekeepers
James Cook and Samantha Jones of Bird and the Bees Honey

Bird and the Bees Honey is a collaboration between life partners James Cook and Samantha Jones.  The adventure with bees started three years prior on the whim of a fellow friend offering the idea to try bee keeping for the summer with a commercial operation in central Minnesota. The pair not knowing what wild path lied ahead of them followed the lead and fell head first into a never dreamed of passion. Along with their Parrot and an old Grey Hound bus, upon which they live, the two committed to a future of chasing a never ending bloom.

Sam grew up in southern California and James in central Wisconsin, they found each other working one summer in Alaska 5 years ago.  Currently the pair can be found in Barrett MN in the summers and Angles Camp CA in the winter.  For the past three years they have worked along side a commercial bee keeping operation learning the trade.  This past summer the pair decided to further their passion and bought 32 hives of their own.  Still working along side their mentors operation, the pair continue to learn and work towards a sustainable future as bee keepers. For more info, visit

A beautiful bright yellow honey of clover, sunflowers and wildflowers that is buttery, has hints of lemon and lavender

While supplies last, 2016 Bird and the Bees wildflower is sold under The Beez Kneez Honey Collective Label by delivery, at farmers markets, the Beez Kneez Honey House and the following retail locations

The Seward Co-op

The Wedge

Linden Hills Co-op

Lakewinds Co-ops