About Us


The Beez Kneez, LLC is committed to Reviving the Hive for Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives by establishing and maintaining hives in the Twin Cities, delivering honey by bicycle, and practicing and teaching sustainable beekeeping by providing training/support through The Beez Kneez Honey House and Camp Beez Kneez.

Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives is an advocacy campaign of The Beez Kneez actively working to educate the public about the issues facing honeybees and other pollinators.  As beekeepers, business owners and people concerned about where our food comes from, the campaign advocates for the honey bee and all pollinators struggling to live in our modern systems of agriculture, eco-systems and urban landscapes.


Kristy Lynn Allen-Founder/Beekeeper


Kristy, born and raised in a small town in central Minnesota, watched the landscape change from farmland and wide-open spaces to cookie cutter development. Feeling restless, disgruntled and sheltered, she was thirsty for knowledge and experience. After spending many years traveling, studying, volunteering and working all over the world, she found herself in central Arkansas where the nostalgia of wide open spaces and farmland solidified an untapped passion. After graduating from the University of MN with a degree in Global Studies, she spent a year at Heifer International’s Ranch working as an experiential educator, livestock caretaker, and vegetable grower while living among a small community of farmers. It was there that her agrarian roots were awoken and intertwined with issues of social injustice. From Arkansas, Kristy jumped on an opportunity to work in the mountains of Ecuador for a year managing Finca Urkuwayku, an organic production and demonstration farm that also focused on assisting and educating other farmers in establishing sustainable methods of farming and technology.

In Arkansas, Kristy first learned about the problems facing pollinators, specifically honeybees, and the vital role they play in agriculture. That same year her Aunt and Uncle invited her to learn their trade at Bar Bell Bee Ranch in northern MN. After one time in a hive with her Uncle, she fell in love with bees. The farm in Ecuador also had a few hives and was part of the local beekeeping club. That summer, she worked with the hives at SMSC Wozupi and again with the bees at her family’s bee ranch. Upon returning to Minneapolis that fall, she was set on moving to the country to start her own farm but something happened. The bees must have had their own plans for Kristy because that Halloween, the idea for the Beez Kneez Honey delivery was born. Her Aunt asked if she would like to sell honey in Minneapolis and Kristy, a long time bike commuter, decided she would paint her bike like a bee, attach a few pipe cleaner-bee antennae to her helmet and sell honey door to door. And so began her life of bees on bikes.