NEW AS of January 1st, 2017,  local bike delivery of our honey has evolved into the Beez Kneez Honey Club! Get honey delivered to your doorstep all season long.  Sign up by clicking here.

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Produced in partnership with Bar Bell Bee Ranch, this raw honey is creamy with floral notes and minty overtones. Perfect for everyday use as well as spreading on bread or crackers. Pairs well with brie, ham, chevre, mint tea, or as a glaze for vegetables or meats.


Raw Clover/Basswood 18 oz. Jar-$11

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3lb Clover:Alfalfa

Raw Clover/Basswood 48 oz. Jar-$24

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Raw Beez Kneez Honey Collective

-The 2016 Batch of Wildflower comes from our Camp Beez Kneez Class!(Our students helped to produce this honey from community apiaries in Inver Grove Heights and Fridley, MN. This honey will rotate based on supply, producer that we partner with as well as from our own Camp Beez Kneez Apiaries. We are collaborating closely with a community of small-medium scale beekeepers focused on working towards a more sustainable future for bees and their keepers.  After we sell out of our Camp Beez Kneez wildflower, we will have more from our partners at Bird and Bees Honey of Barret, MN.

Honey Collective 18 oz. Jar-$11

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3lb HC

Honey Collective 48 oz. Jar-$24

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Raw Beez Kneez Country Wildflower

-extracted by bicycle


Country Wildflower 18 oz. Jar-$11

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Country Wildflower 48 oz. Jar-$24

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The Beez Kneez uses sustainable beekeeping practices to manage 80 plus hives along the St. Croix River Valley at partnering organic farms including Foxtail Farm, Common Harvest Farm, Seed to Seed, and Salt and Pepper Farm. The honey is a lovely, golden honey with hints of mint, fruit and clover. Available only while supplies last!

NEW!!! Did you know we started making mustard? And it is now available for delivery? Beez Kneez handcrafted, gourmet honey-sweetened mustards(does not mean it is really sweet) only available for delivery with purchase of one Beez Kneez honey from above!

Our mustard is handmade in small batches at The Beez Kneez Honey House in Minneapolis. Click here for more info on mustard!

Fleur de Beez Creole-style Mustard 7 oz. Jar-$7

Fleur de Beez is eclectic yet classic: two parts sassy, seedy underbelly and one part refined, old-world style. Brassy, robust and punchy. It’s well-dressed and carousing in a smoky jazz club. The Beez Kneez has been dressed to the nines and is ready to dance to ragtime.

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Halligalli Dusseldorf Hot Mustard 7 oz. Jar-$7

Halligalli: a cheerful, noisy bustle; buzzing with joy. Boisterous, balanced and bittersweet. It’s two parts fiery, one part joyful German beer. Düsseldorfers do cartwheels. Bees do the waggle dance. Halligalli is the reward!

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Honey-Apolis Wildflower “Zip-sourced Honey” Available exclusively at The Beez Kneez Honey House, Farmers Markets and Events or Participating Urban Apiary Partners

-Extracted by Bicycle

Sweet, Sweet Honey-apolis Wildflower Beez Kneez “Zip-sourced Honey-Apolis Wildflower” is very special honey- just like our neighborhoods, all of these honey’s have a unique flavor, floral profile and taste as well as history. This honey is a direct result of our efforts to educate and build communities around the bees we keep. Each Zipcode represents a Beez Kneez Urban Apiary Partner.  While supplies last, 6oz jars are available for purchase at the Beez Kneez Honey House, farmers markets for $10 and select locations(gift shops of American Swedish Institute, The Bakken Museum, Hennepin History Museum) where prices may vary.  They make a wonderful gift!

Beez Kneez Raw Honey

All of our honeys are raw and unprocessed meaning we do not heat over 90-95 degrees. Therefore, the flavors of the flowers remain strong.  Also, except for right after our harvest in July-October when honey is bottled in its liquid form,  most varieties are a thick, creamy consistency for the remainder of the year.
  • All of our honeys are raw/unprocessed, meaning they have never been heated hotter than the bees keep their hive
  • Depending on variety, they naturally crystallize into a smooth, creamy consistency
  • They retain the flavor, pollen, enzymes and natural goodness of the honey.
Retail Locations
The Beez Kneez Honey House
Seward Co-op
Seward Co-op Friendship Store
The Wedge
Eastside Co-op
Linden Hills Co-op
Lakewinds Co-op -Richfield, Minnetonka, and Chanhassen
Mississippi Markets
Oxendale’s Market
Mother Earth Gardens
Freewheel Bike
The Bakken Museum
Longfellow Market
Lowry Hill Meats
Honey/ Mustard Used in treats
The Draft Horse
Peace Coffee Wonderland/Capella Towers 
The Seward Co-op Meat and Seafood

Surly Brewing Co

Town Hall Brewery
Black Sheep Pizza 
Blue Moon Coffee