Honey Extraction Services

Pedal-Powered Honey Extraction


BeezKneez Extraction Flyer 2015Are you a beekeeper who needs a space to extract your honey? Want to avoid a sticky mess in your kitchen?
…Our honey house is your kitchen and we will clean for you! We are taking appointments NOW for Thursdays-Saturdays starting August 17th thru October 31st.
Call 612-806-2582 or email info@thebeezkneezdelivery.com to make an appointment.


We have pedal-powered extractors, we will show you how and clean up your mess for you!

We have four extraction stations available for rent by the hour. (More detail on prices listed below) We also offer 24 hour rental of our hot room in case you have cold honey…for an extra $10, you will save time and money during extraction


Extraction Station Includes:

  • 1 pedal-powered extractor with built in filter
  • Uncapping tools, hot knife and scratcher to remove wax cappings from frames
  • One large uncapping tank (a holding tank for wax cappings and extra honey) Leave wax with us or take it home.
  • Protective clothing to stay clean while extracting
  • Are you a New-bee? Staff onsite will answer questions show you how its done.
  • And, best of all, we will clean your station when you finish!!!!

*Please bring frames WITHOUT BEES OR BROOD that are over 80% capped over with wax. You must provide your own containers for honey and wax. If you don’t want your wax, we will happily take it.   

We do have plastic buckets for purchase: 1 gallon = $5 and 5 gallon = $10, 5 gallon pail with spout=$35 (price does not include tax)


  • $60 for first hour, $50 per hour for subsequent hours. 4 hour time limit, 5 super maximum. *If you have more than 5 supers, please call for full day rental rates.
  • Hot Room Rental=$10 for 24 hour reservation to warm honey supers at 90 degrees F before extraction will heat up your frames and make extraction faster.
  • If you don’t like to bike, don’t fret. For a little extra cost, we will bike for you. Call for prices.